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What is Literacy Programme?
Literacy Programme is an Information Literacy Skill Class conducted by UiTM Library.

The session will be conducted for approximately 2 hours according to selected modules.

Participants can choose either to conduct the class through online or face-to-face. However, face-to-face classes, merely depends on the maximum capacity of each IT Centre in every UiTM Libraries.

Faculties are encouraged to arrange the session for their students, especially those who are doing literature searches for their research.

The depth and breadth of the content will be justified according to our audience or upon your request.

The modules covered are mostly related to research, teaching as well as learning process which range from basic to advanced modules for you to choose from.

The classes are done for free with no payment involved. Just bring yourself to the class.
Literacy Class Module
There are 11 modules for you to choose from  basic until advanced modules.

The modules are :
  1. LSC100 : Introduction to Library System
  2. LSC101 : Introduction to Electronic Resources
  3. LSC102 : Online Database for Literature
  4. LSC200 : Advanced Literature Search (Scopus)
  5. LSC201 : Advanced Literature Search (Web of Science)
  6. LMS300 : Library Management Software (Endnote)
  7. LMS301 : Library Management Software (Mendeley)
  8. LMS302 : Easy Write with Microsoft Word
  9. LSA400 : Publication Ethics & Publishing Tools
  10. LSA401 : Open Access for Scholarly Publication
  11. LSA402 : Google Scholar & Google Drive
LSC100: Introduction to Library System
LSC101: Introduction to PTAR Electronic Resources
LSC102: Online Database for Literature
LSC200: Advanced Literature Search (Scopus)
LSC201: Advanced Literature Search (WoS)
LMS300: Endnote
LMS301: Mendeley
LMS302: Easy Write with Microsoft Word
LSA400: Writing and Publishing
LSA401: Open Access for Scholarly Publication
LSA402: Google Scholar & Google Drive
How to Apply?
  1. Please Login to your MyKM portal (
  2. Choose under the tab ‘Services’.
  3. Click on eKKM and choose ‘Booking Class’.
  4. Fill up the required field for bookings.
  5. Make sure the bookings are made at least 3 working days before actual class intended.
  6. The minimum number of participants per class are at least 10 students before we can start the session.
  7. For one-to-one session only available for PhD Student (Post Grad) or UiTM Staffs.
Please contact your respective UiTM Library for more information on Literacy Skill Class or simply click HERE
How To Apply: Login to e-KKM booking system