What is Digital librarian?
A digital librarian is an information professional responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining a digital library, including its collections and the services it offers its users.
  • Digital librarians are responsible for managing the digital assets of their organization. This includes everything from creating and maintaining databases to ensuring all digital content is appropriately organized, tagged, and indexed.
  • They may work directly with patrons daily or spend most of their time behind the scenes working on projects.
  • Regardless of their role, they ensure digital information is easily accessible and well-organized.
What is the Skills of Digital Librarian?
No. Skills Description of Skills
1. Technical To manage information and digital resources. A digital librarian must understand how to use and troubleshoot computer systems, software, and hardware. They also need to know how to manage digital files and digital storage
2. Communication Digital librarians communicate with patrons, other librarians, and other staff members regularly. They use verbal and written communication skills to explain technical information to patrons and answer other staff members' questions. They also use communication skills to create and send emails, make phone calls, and write reports.
3. Problem-solving A digital librarians often use their problem-solving skills to troubleshoot technical issues, find solutions to and resolve other challenges that arise in the workplace. It is also used to develop new processes or procedures to improve the efficiency of the library team
4. Organization A digital librarian is required to maintain digital files and records. This organizational skill is needed to ensure the files are properly sorted and stored. These skills can also help track digital files and documents, ensuring they are properly stored and backed up
5. Research As a digital librarian, you're responsible for researching topics for blog posts, social media posts, or other digital content. The research skills are necessary to find the information needed to create engaging content for the audience.
What is the Roles of Digital Librarian?

"A digital librarian typically has a wide range of responsibilities."

-Irene M. Pepperberg-
No. Responsibilities
1. Organizing digital library collections and databases by tagging, cataloging, and creating metadata using industry-standard software programs 
2. Establishing policies regarding copyright laws and fair use of copyrighted materials 
3.  Analyzing user needs in order to recommend improvements to existing digital library services or development of new services 
4.  Maintaining an inventory of digital library resources and ensuring they are available to users when needed
5. Conducting research to identify new technologies related to digital libraries
6. Providing reference assistance to patrons by answering questions regarding how to use library resources
7. Developing training materials for staff on the use of digital library resources
8. Participating in community events such as workshops or public speaking engagements to promote the library's digital offerings
9. Developing policies and procedures for managing digital library collections