Spaces are available during library operations hours. You may visit our library portal below to view our opening hours:
  1. Shah Alam
  2. Selangor
  3. Melaka
  4. Kedah
  5. Perak
  6. Terengganu
  7. Kelantan
  8. Pahang
  9. Sarawak
  10. Pulau Pinang
  11. Johor
  12. Perlis
  13. Negeri Sembilan
  14. Sabah
How To Book Spaces
You may walk in to use open spaces. Certain space and event spaces are available upon request via Booking System University (BSU)

You may refer here for guidance.
Seating Capacity
We provide spaces for study and event spaces. All users are welcomed to collaborate with us to organize any events. Spaces available are as below:

Study Spaces @ UiTM Library
Open Spaces

Research Room
Meeting and Presentation

Other Spaces

Virtual Reality Experience
We provide access to a variety of 360 virtual and augmented reality content, for both viewing (through 8 units VR headsets). Use of the VR headset is by appointment. Library staff members will be there to help with setup and provide basic technical support.

Self Check Machine
Available at library locations usually near to customer service counter or lobby area. It allows user to borrow or renew book on your own. 
Book Drop Machine
Available at certain locations. It allows user to return library book during or after librray operation hours. Usually located at library entrance. User will receive a receipt upon any successful book return.
Book Sanitizer Machine
Available at Main Library near to Customer Service Counter. Experience this technology which helps to reduce dust, sterilizes and disinfects inside the books by applying ultraviolet rays to the opened books. It also can be used for handphone, wallet, devices and keys.