Getting Started
1. Download the template here -

2. Preserve the file type .dotx. Do not change it to another (.doc .docx) as it will break the template and corrupt the file. You can do it later (save as) in Microsoft Word.

3. Open your thesis

4. Activate Developer tab
    i. File >> Option >> Customize Ribbon
   ii. Check box at Developer tab
  iii. Go to Developer tab >> Click Document Template
  iv. Attached downloaded template.dotx

5. Go to Home tab >> Activate Style pane to use the style listed from the template.dotx
MZJ Method UiTM
Enable Style Pane
  1. Click the Home menu in Word
  2. In Style group, click the popup arrow at the right bottom corner.
Or simply using the shortcut key
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S
Download Template
UiTM Thesis Template 8.0
Source :
Booking Class
UiTM Library offered this course as one of the Information Literacy Class modules -  Easy Write with Microsoft Word.

This can be booked from EKKM Booking Classes through MyKM Portal.

Simply follow these steps:
  1. Login to MyKM Portal -
  2. Menu Services > eKKM > Booking Class
  3. Fill up the form, and select the module - Easy Write with Microsoft Word using MZJ Formatting Method.
  4. Click submit button.
About LateX Formatting
LaTeX is a document preparation system that uses plain text to create documents that are formatted for printing or digital distribution. It is a powerful tool that can be used to create a wide variety of documents, including research papers, presentations, books, and even websites.

LaTeX formatting is based on a markup language that uses special commands to control the appearance of text. For example, the command \textbf{bold} will make the text bold, and the command \textit{italic} will make the text italic. There are also commands for controlling the size of text, the alignment of text, and the spacing between lines
More resources
Here are some resources that you may find helpful if you are interested in learning more about LaTeX formatting:
  1. The LateX Project:
  2. Overleaf:
  3. Latex Tutorial: