How to Borrow Book using Self Check Machine
How to Return Book using Book Drop Machine
How to Renew Book Online
Steps to Renew Book Online
  • On your left side, click "Item Checked Out"
  • Choose the book that you wish to renew. Then click on the "RENEW" button.
  • User that wishes to extend their borrowing period, may renew their borrowing as long as the below conditions are fulfilled:
    • NO holding by another user.
    • Renewal BEFORE due date.
  • You'll be notified if the renewal successful by pop-up window stating "RENEWAL PROCESSED"
  • New due date will appear on your "Item Checked Out"
We deliver the requested book to your doorstep.
  1. This service is open to all UiTM staff and students. Subject to eligibility loan.
  2. Only Open Shelve books are allowed for this service.
  3. Only students with active status are allowed to borrow books.
  4. Users may choose a delivery method (self-pick up/by hand within the campus area) or courier.
  5. Requests will be processed based on working days except for weekends / public holidays.
  6. Users will be notified via email for successful/unsuccessful requests.
  7. Users are responsible for returning the library books before the loan period expires and understanding the late fines charges for students/salary deductions (staff) that will be imposed.
BDS Form by Location
Please check the location of the material first in OPAC.
  1. Shah Alam (Law, Engineering, Science and Technology, Architecture)
  2. Selangor (Puncak Alam, Puncak Perdana, Dengkil, Selayang)
  3. Johor (Segamat, Pasir Gudang)
  4. Kedah
  5. Pulau Pinang
  6. Melaka

How to Request Book Delivery?
  1. Search title in OPAC
  2. Check item holdings (location)

    * make sure item category is Open Shelves
  3. Fill up BDS form according to location.
What is Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Services?
Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service offered by libraries that allows patrons to borrow materials from other libraries that are not available in their local library's collection. This service will enable patrons to access a broader range of resources, including books, articles, and other materials, that may be outside their local library's collection.

Patrons typically submit a request to their local library to request an interlibrary loan, providing information about the desired material, such as the author, title, and ISBN. The local library then contacts other libraries with the material and arranges for it to be loaned to the patron.
Categories of ILL
UiTM Library is an SPP Malaysia consortium member registered with Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM) (the National Library of Malaysia).

The ILL service at PTAR is divided into three categories:
  1. Internal ILL (customer application at the Shah Alam and UiTM branch/state campus libraries)
  2. External ILL (application for SPP Malaysia consortium members)
This service is given to UiTM's students, academic staff, and administration staff.
How to Request ILL
Loan Request Eligibility
UiTM Library internal customer application (customer application at the Shah Alam and UiTM branch/state campus libraries) to borrow materials from external libraries. The number of books and articles allowed for application at any one time is as follows:
Books Articles
3 3
The loan period varies on the institution's policies.
Charges and Payment (Photocopy Materials)
This service is free to use. However, in some situations, the material is retrieved in a physical copy, which needs to be photocopied.

The provided library set the charge. The borrower must complete the payment, including, material cost, service fee, and postage) when they collect the material in the library.
How to Request ILL
Cashless@UiTM Library
How to Check Library Fines
1. PTAR App

2. MyKM Portal          
    Menu Services > My Payment > Fines Payment
MyKM Portal (for active users)
User may check their fine via MyKM Portal.
  1. Go to MyKM Portal
  2. The user will be redirected to the PTAR Single Sign-On page -
  3. Click sign in with the Google icon
  4. Log in using your UiTM official Gmail account. Click here if you're not activated it yet.
  5. Browse to Services > My Payment > Fine Payment.
The minimum payment amount is RM1.00
Library Fine Payment Portal (for inactive users )
This site is an alternative for inactive user.
  1. Browse
  2. Login with user ID (student / staff ID number)
  3. Password is a combination of 3 letters of name with alias symbol "@" and last 4 digits in IC number. Example moh@1234
Term of Application
An individual who is interested in becoming a member of the library is subject to the following conditions:
  1. Fill in the External Membership Form. The completed form must be submitted online. The library may reject the application form if the information given is not complete and the photo uploaded is not appropriate.
  2. Membership is open to Malaysian citizens only.
  3. A membership card will be issued upon successful payment (7 working days). Users will be notified via email when the membership card is ready to be collected at the library or via courier.
  4. Library operation may be different for each location and subject to campus rules. Users may refer to library operation hours from the library portal.
  5. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your respective library before any payment is made. SCHEME DURATION The duration of membership is one year (12 months) from the date of registration and ends the following year. Notice of renewal will be sent through e-mail a month before the expiry date.
Members Responsibility
  1. Member are responsible for all items borrowed.
  2. The membership card is not transferable.
  3. The card holder shall immediately report the loss of the card to the Library. The replacement charge for the lost card is RM10.00.
Register as Membership
  1. Keyin details.
  2. Upload photo passport.
  3. Tick acknowledgment.
  4. Click the Register button.
  5. Click Confirm button.
  6. Make a payment. Click the Pay button.
  7. Proceed payment through Kiple gateway.
  8. Complete payment. You can close or download the payment receipt.
  9. Check your email for registration and membership card status.
Digital Services
On Campus Access
  1. Online Database
    User may access through E-Resources Zone with assist with our librarian.
  2. Library Facility
    User can utilize our facilty such as browsing PC and computer lab.

Off-Campus Access
User can renew loan books and online payment for lateness  of return book fine 

Loan Eligibility
  1. Loans can only be made with a library membership card.
  2. The number of loans and types of materials are subject to the membership category registered by the library member.
  3. Materials from bound journals, reference material, free range reading, thesis collection, Academic Core Collection, 1st copy of the book, conference collection, statute, and loose-leaf materials are not for loan.
  4. Renewal of loans can be made by online renewal subject to existing conditions.
  5. A borrower who has overdue items will be barred from borrowing.
Num. of Books Loan Period
4 14
Overdue Fine
  1. A member who fails to return borrowed materials within the stated period must pay a fine of RM0.20 per day until the item is returned.
  2. Any item that is lost or destroyed must be replaced. The member must replace the item subject to conditions or pay the cost of replacing the item.
How to search book using OPAC
More on OPAC
For more information on OPAC, please refer HERE.
Online Book Researvation
My Library Account
About Library Mobile App