About Web of Science ResearcherID

About Web of Science ResearcherID

Web of Science researcher profile is the only profile where you can track your publications, citation metrics, handling editor work, and peer reviews for journals, conferences, and funders in one place. It’s quick and easy to maintain, can be exported for use as evidence of your research outputs in various applications, and provides valuable insights into your publication and review history

Benefit of Web of Science ResearcherID

  • Ensure that all your works in WoS are correctly attributed to you.
  • Obtain citation counts, h-index, data on journals' impact factors, and citation metrics reports.
  • Add variants of your name.
  • Link your author record with ORCID and authorize exchange of data between these systems to save time.
  • Import verified bibliographic data from WoS to Digital Measures.
  • Keep track of your peer reviewer and editor activities in journals indexed by WoS.
Migration from Publons to Web of Science Researcher Profile

Web of Science researcher profiles are the next stage in the evolution of Clarivate’s researcher profile offering after replacing Publons. This migration of Publons profiles into the Web of Science occurred to combine Clarivate’s two researcher representations (profiles and Web of Science author records) into Clarivate’s pre-eminent researcher-facing platform and simplify the experience of those researchers and administrators tracking their research outputs.

If you had a Publons profile, you will now find it in Web of Science.

Due to the sheer size of the migration from Publons to Web of Science not all features could be completed in time for launch. In addition, some Publons features were intentionally not migrated due to lack of use.

Accessing Web of Science via My Knowledge Management (MyKM Portal)
  1. Login to http://mykm.uitm.edu.my/
  2. Click Online Database
  3. Search for Web Of Science (WoS) and click to access WOS
Setting up a WoS Account
  1. To set up an account, click on Sign In on the right of the very top bar on any page.
  2. Then click on Register and follow the instructions.
  3. Once you have an account, Sign In whenever you are in the Web of Science.
  4. To save a search you like, click on Search History then click on Save History.
Access your researcher profile settings
  1. Click on MENU button at side navigation bar.
  2. Click on PROFILE
  3. At “MY RESEARCHER PROFILE” please click on EDIT button