In an era marked by the rapid dissemination of information and the evolution of digital technologies, libraries stand as bastions of knowledge, serving as vital hubs for learning, research, and community engagement. However, despite their invaluable resources and services, libraries often need help meeting their patrons' diverse needs, particularly in smaller or under-resourced communities. Recognizing the importance of equitable access to information, libraries around the globe have embarked on a collaborative journey to enhance their capacity and reach through resource-sharing initiatives.

The Library Resource-Sharing Initiative represents a groundbreaking endeavour aimed at maximizing the collective impact of libraries by pooling together their resources and expertise. This initiative transcends geographical boundaries and organizational affiliations, fostering cooperation and mutual support among participating institutions. By leveraging technology and embracing innovative strategies, libraries are breaking down traditional barriers and expanding access to a wealth of resources, including books, journals, multimedia materials, and digital archives.
Resources Sharing Platform
  1. Google Scholar
  2. Core UK
  3. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)
  4. Malaysian Academic Library Institutional Repository (MALRep)
  5. Malaysian Theses Online (MyTO)
  7. Katalog Induk Kebangsaan
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