The Jabatan Arkib Universiti (JAU) was first established in 1982 under the Administration Division, Office of the Registrar and was known as the Archives Unit .The functions and roles of the unit have been revamped and strengthened to improve records management in ITM/UiTM according to current needs.

On 1 June 2015, the Archives and Museum Division (BAM) which at that time was still under the auspices of the Registrar's Office was handed over to the Tun Abdul Razak Library (PTAR) in the Executive Committee Meeting (JKE) No. 06/2015 dated 10 June 2015.
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  1. Jabatan Arkib Universiti (JAU)
  2. Galeri Tun Abdul Razak (GTAR)
  3. Virtual Exhibition
  1. To synchronize the records management system and archive university.
  2. To preserve and conserve university's records which been catogorized as 'Archival Value'.
  3. As a reference and research center for records management, archives and university galleries.
  4. Displays the gallery collection for university's historical information source.
Binding Service Charge
Advise and Consultation
Our advise and consultation services through workshop or courses (virtual & physical), walk-in and benchmarking.

It covers topic as below:
  • FILE CLASSIFICATION: Development and update of files classification as well guides on how it use.
  • RECORDS AND FILES MANAGEMENT: Create, control, close and dispose of files
  • ARCHIVES MATERIAL MANAGEMENT: Archive management consist of control of receipt, loan and reference of archives material.
  • SECURITY DOCUMENTS: Official Security Documents which consists of document protection and archives material.
  • GALLERY MANAGEMENT: The gallery management are consist of the permanent collection of the gallery, official visit and guided tour to the gallery and exhibition of the gallery (physical and virtual).
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