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I did not receive the OTP. What do I do?

Hi, we regret the inconvenience caused due to this issue. Please have a look at the following - 

Some of the reasons for not receiving OTP -

  1. Incorrect phone number and country code
  2. Weak and/or inconsistent signal strength
  3. Network congestion
  4. Spam filters
  5. Less space in phone memory
  6. Incorrect time settings

Corrective measures to get the OTP -
  1. Check your contact details again: After you enter your mobile number, and country code, please check again to make sure everything is correct before clicking on the "Send Verification Code" button.
  2. Restart your phone: Restarting your phone will most definitely resolve a lot of phone issues you may be facing, including receiving the OTP.
  3. Clear the cache of the messaging app: It has often been observed that because of the cache data, you won’t see the new OTP messages because the old cache data displays. 
  4. Change location or network: Remove yourself from a poor network reception area or change to another Wi-Fi setting to receive the OTP.
  5. Clear phone memory: Create some phone memory by removing temporary data or unnecessary files which can create some space for new data to come in.
  6. Check spam/junk messages folder: Check out your spam/junk messages folder, as your OTP might have ended up there.
  7. Correct the time settings: If you notice your phone is in the wrong time setting, edit it to the correct time to make way for the OTP to arrive in real time.
  8. Try a different browser: If you are trying to receive OTP on a web browser, try a different browser, as it might resolve the issue.

Prepared by UiTM Digital Library