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Online DatabasesBenchmarking Online Networking Database (BOND)
Note: Provide ideas for business sustainability.

*Access to this database is provided by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) - MPC (MyBPRC)800-2/2/1

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Note: Access is provided by Serambi Ilmu Rakyat, Yayasan Bank Rakyat 
Please contact your respective library to get the username and password through Chat with Librarian
Bernama Library & Infolink Service (BLIS) is an electronic library providing news and information on Malaysia. Researchers, journalists, government officials, and business strategists can have access to a rich archive of news on developments in Malaysia, industry reports, economic, trade, and consumer statistics as well as data on top personalities in Malaysia through an online information database. Content has been compiled from BERNAMA’s wire services, international news wire services, and research organizations. A powerful search engine narrows down one’s search for relevant information quickly.
Restricted Resource e-JournalBiodiversity And Conservation
Note: Volume 24, Issue 14, December 2015
Volume 6, Issue 12, 12-1997

Restricted Resource e-JournalBiotechnology Letters
Note: Volume 19 - 37, Issue 1- 12, 1997 -2015

Restricted Resource e-JournalBuilding Research And Information
Note: Volume 42, 44 - 45, Issue 1 - 6

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